Our Story

In 2021, the Patrick Shatner brand was founded in the city of Boston, MA.  The brand is an assemble of three unique brands: Sek-sē, Oye Patricio, and Patrick Shatner.  On their own, each of these brands cater to a market that totally embraces the idea of being an individual who aims to represent themselves by truly defining the articles that they wear by their own fashionable style.

In 2014, Sek-sē was created as an entry point into the clothing industry by using the energy of street-art to connect to the evolution of streetwear.  Influenced by the Parisian fashion styles in France, the brand quickly developed a play on its name to attract many of its fans.  Designed to play on the confidence of each person’s sexuality and beauty, the brand brought smiles to individuals wearing the brand and to the people seeing the brand.  As the followers grew, the brand moved into establishing itself as a luxury brand that delivers quality over quantity.  Today, the brand maintains its initial vision, “A Lifestyle that You Define”.

As Sek-sē grew, a new vision came into fruition for the Patrick Shatner brands.  With a few tests of designs under the name Sek-sē, Oye Patricio became a brand in the making.  The idea was to create a t-shirt brand that focused on imagery designs, everyday people and issues in life. A fun character that understands the people and builds around the idea of being individuals and not be subject into a box based on biases and stereotypes.  In 2020, the steps to make Oye Patricio were developed. While it is still in the beginning stages, it offers the other side of Sek-sē which brings a unique offering that people can connect to during their daily routine.

In 2021, Patrick Shatner, the final piece to the puzzle was added to complete the assembled.  A parent company that would focus on accessories while connecting Sek-sē and Oye Patricio under one tree.  As of now, Patrick Shatner creates some of the best bead bracelets and threaded bracelets currently offered on the market.  As it continues to grow, it will offer wallets, purses, shoes, belts, and all other accessories that make fashionable statements. 

Dream big and think big, a vision can be as great as the mind imagines it to be. This is Patrick Shatner, join us on this journey!