Sek-sē, Inc.

Sek-sē®, pronounced ‘sexy’, a fashion lifestyle brand that has built its image as a brand for individuals who desire to be unique in their own way.  With a vision of individuality, Sek-sē attracts a culture that yearns to define their own style by setting the trend that they see fitting to their personality.   

The designs are made to offer a bold awareness to people’s own idea of sexiness and how they wish to define it with their eyes.  While our trademarked name naturally creates conversation and coolness within the realm of lifestyle streetwear, our symbol logo combines the two standard male and female symbol into one to visualize an ‘S’ for Sek-sē.  These elements are the true essence of what we are; that is, empowering, confident, unique, fearless, and most importantly, human.

All of our designs are printed and embroidered in-house keeping a personal touch with our consumers.  Our product offering ranges from casual wear to handmade jewelry. The brand is rooted in keeping the connection between us and the people that wear our brand.

We are Sek-sē, a lifestyle that you define.