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Sek-sē | The Story

In 2014, Sek-sē entered the clothing industry by using the diverse energy of street-art to connect to the evolution of streetwear while allowing individuals to create their own unique style. Sek-sē was founded by Patrick S. Félix in a condo in South Boston, Massachusetts. Tired of seeing everyone confirming to the idea of what appears or should be cool based on what marketing powers thought, he figured that there had to be something that was out of the norm.  Once he realized that that it did not exist, he created this Sek-sē for women and men who were not seeking approval from anyone except for themselves.

“A Lifestyle that You Define”

While most brands put consumers in a box with the idea that if you wear a brand then certain things apply to you, we’ve decided that we don’t want to tell you who to be except for the person that you want to be.  The brand was created due to the fact that after living in Paris, France for four years watching so many individuals with unique styles, he felt that people had lost their individuality. Initially, the differentiator for the brand revolved around the high-quality material when compared to other startup streetwear brands in the same realm. However, as the company grew, he realized that the differentiator were the emotions that the name brought out of people: confidence, sense of beauty, high self-esteem, smiles, and most importantly, a feel-good atmosphere. This is Sek-sē, a human connection that looks at all of the positive aspects of humans; a judgment free zone.

Today, Sek-sē has evolved by offering more than just screen prints on items. We’ve continued to focus on our original prints, but added items that consist of embroidery on headwear, sweatshirts, polos, and other items that allow our consumers to wear our clothes during their leisure time in addition to their corporate lifestyle. 

The Name

The name Sek-sē is the phonetic spelling of the word ‘sexy’. As a brand, we wanted a company name that could stand out from the rest by testing the limits without being offensive. The way we spell it allows us to put a softer feel to the eye while still allowing people to still feel sexiness out of it; or in our case, feel comfortable in your skin without the fear of judgement.

There’s a certain coolness to the name that when people see it, they want to say it. Some would say it is a conversation starter, but we say it is just you being you! It is our way of capturing people’s emotions and spreading the feel-good vibes.

sek-sē adjective, noun \ ‘sexy’\

sexier; sexiest

Definition of sek-sē
feeling good about yourself: EMPOWERING, CONFIDENT

2: an individual defined by their own thoughts regardless of society’s judgement: UNIQUE, FEARLESS

3: a fashion brand that puts focus on people’s individuality and positivity: LIFESTYLE, FEEL GOOD BRAND

The Tagline

“A Lifestyle that You Define.”

Most brands want to fit you into their personality. Our brand wants you to fit us into your personality. Your style is what makes our style appealing to others because you are all so different. So yes, we are a fashion lifestyle that you define because we are all unique.


At Sek-sē, our mission is to allow people to understand that being fashionable, stylish, and comfortable is about being an individual. By connecting with our customer’s desires to be themselves and feel unique, we capture the emotions that people want to feel and hear that most brands fail to accomplish. Our customers want the comfort and sexiness that our fashion line presents which is why we work hard to deliver consistent and high-quality material at every step of the way.


Our vision is for Sek-sē to be a fashionable luxury lifestyle brand that breaks the norms of the fashion world. The idea is to be luxurious without being stereotypical. We are more than just fashion; we are an inclusive lifestyle for the people who want to be fashionably free.


Our company values are simple. Treat every person as if they were family. We are about putting smiles, laughter, confidence, and most importantly, sexiness back into the world.