The Brand


Founded in 2021, Patrick Shatner is a gentleman’s brand for those who choose to create their own path.  The Patrick Shatner brand offers exclusive items ranging from clothing, accessories, and more which are all made in-house. As a brand, we focus on creating items that present a sense of individuality.  

Patrick Shatner embarked on a journey to provide the best accessories for an audience that desired something new.  While developing the brand, he felt that name held much more than just accessories and it was destined to be something of great value.  This vision pushed the company into what he believed was luxury fashion; something different from traditional fashion.  Created to provide balance, style, and uniqueness, every piece is handmade to truly display the human touch and passion to our work.  A unique style and perspective on fashion, Patrick Shatner is the corner that leads you to an endless realm of fashion. 

It is true; there are many brands dedicated to men, but none of them are Patrick ShatnerPatrick Shatner, is “a gentleman’s brand of the rare kind.”